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Depression services offered in Bellevue, WA

Many people struggle with daily depression, never seeking help because they believe it will get better eventually. But once depression takes hold, it doesn’t improve without treatment from an exceptional psychiatric professional like Jeanne Nicholson, ARNP, PMHNP-BC, at Nicholson Psychiatry, PLLC, in Bellevue, Washington. Jeanne has helped many patients overcome depression with treatments customized to meet their individual mental health needs. Call the office today or use online booking to schedule an appointment and begin essential treatment for depression.

Why am I depressed?

Many people sink into depression as they deal with a life problem. Depression may develop after separating from your partner, losing a job, or being diagnosed with a major illness, to give you a few examples.

Daily stress and conflicts also cause depression, especially when they’re frequent and seem never-ending or impossible to solve.

In some cases, depression just happens for no apparent reason. You can be depressed without a cause because many factors affect the mood centers in your brain. 

You could have a genetic tendency or have low levels of the brain chemicals needed to prevent depression. Hormone imbalances and other health conditions can also directly affect your mood. 

What are the symptoms of depression?

No matter what causes your depression and whether it’s mild or severe, you’ll experience symptoms such as:

  • Feeling sad and hopeless (depressed)
  • Losing interest in activities you enjoy
  • Gaining or losing weight 
  • Having insomnia or oversleeping
  • Moving slowly and aimlessly
  • Feeling drained of energy
  • Struggling to concentrate
  • Thinking about death or suicide

While many people feel numb and emotionless, depression can also make you feel agitated and cause strong emotional outbursts.

You should seek help at Nicholson Psychiatry, PLLC, for depression if your symptoms last two weeks or longer. At that point, your mood will not improve without treatment.

How is depression treated?

Jeanne does a thorough medical, mental, and cognitive evaluation so she can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the best treatment for you.

Jeanne specializes in medication management, prescribing antidepressants to improve moderate to severe depression. Therapy is often the first treatment for mild depression, but it’s also combined with medication to achieve the best results in people with more severe symptoms.

There are many therapeutic approaches for treating depression. Your therapy may focus on finding solutions or ways to cope with your life challenges, teaching how to change negative thoughts, healing emotions, or creating a plan that helps you move forward into a new life.

Jeanne may recommend lifestyle changes that support a positive mood. For example, exercise activates hormones that boost your mood. You also need to get enough sleep and consume certain nutrients to support your brain’s ability to control your mood.

Call Nicholson Psychiatry, PLLC, or connect online today to request an appointment and take the first step toward overcoming depression.